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Considering my growing interest in increasing productivity, it’s only natural that the subject would end up in another edition of “Best of the Web.” The article on time management really hit home with me and it is something I will adopt starting immediately. Note: Concerning the article on personal branding, I don’t completely agree with […]

As I was sitting here eating leftovers from Thanksgiving dinner, I got the sudden urge to write about the recent flushing of my productivity system using Web 2.0 technologies. I’m a big fan of addressing the bottlenecks in any system, so I took advantage of a five day break from school to address some of […]

We hear it all the time from people older than us: “Enjoy it while it lasts… college will be the best four years of your life.” “Party now, because once you have a job and a family, the real world kicks in and puts an end to all of your fun.” However, I’m here to […]

Considering I have been re-evaluating my productivity system in the past few days, I figured this post would be a great way to record and hash out what I have discovered in my analysis. I have noticed that theoretically sound productivity systems can flounder and even fail when bottlenecks are not properly managed. A bottleneck […]

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