You Don’t Fully Realize Your Situation Until You Grow and Reflect

Over the past few years, I have been working hard to clean up my diet. It definitely was not an easy task. For every success that I achieved, I failed a hundred times over. I’ve backtracked, regressed, and started over more times than I can count. But most importantly, I stuck with it and the long-term trend since I began has been an overall increase in the quality of my diet and an increase in my energy levels. However, what I find most interesting is that when I temporarily revert back to my old diet due to stress or giving in to a craving for sweets and refined carbs, I feel AWFUL. I suddenly have zero energy, I start falling asleep in class despite getting enough sleep, and stomach aches soon follow. As it turns out, my old diet makes me feel worse NOW than it did when I used it eat that same diet 24/7. I find it amazing that I used to eat nothing but refined carbs, sugar, milk, cheese, and red meat and was still able to function without feeling like utter crap all day.

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How to Avoid Information Overload

What you will gain from this post: Strategies to prevent and reduce information overload in your life.

In the spirit of this article, I will keep my writing to a minimum. The vast wealth of the Internet allows for unprecedented access to information. However, when taken too far and information comes flying your way faster than you would prefer to process it, information overload results. This type of overload is not fun. It prevents you from retaining valuable pieces of information because of the sheer volumes of information you are exposed to. It can also stress you out if you feel obliged to skim through everything that comes your way. Here are a few strategies you can use to reduce information overload in your life:
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