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Earlier tonight I was lying awake in my bed, unable to get to sleep. I had always considered myself to be a night owl, with my summer sleep schedule often drifting into the 3am-4am range before drowsiness would kick in. Starting next week, I begin a full time internship which will require me to wake […]

Something I think about almost every day is the following question: What is the best way to live my life? Everything ranging from finances, education, career, to relationships revolve around this question. And I’ve come to a point where two distinct theories are emerging as to how a person should set themselves up for a […]

We’ve all been there before. You have a paper to write and you fire up your word processor. After 15 minutes you somehow end up on StumbleUpon, Facebook, or your distraction of your choice. Next thing you know, an hour has passed. I noticed my productivity slowly dropping in the past few months and I […]

I'm Jon Guerrera, a life hacker at heart, and the man behind the scenes here at Living For Improvement. This blog documents all of my successes, failures, and lessons learned as I hack my way to happiness and fulfillment.

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