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I recently watched a speech given by Daniel Kahneman at TED in February 2010. It discussed how what we actually experience and the memory of what we experienced often differ greatly. In other words, there is a difference between your “experiencing self” which is experiencing life as you go, and the “remembering self” that handles […]

Those of you who have been following my posts this summer know that I’ve read a large quantity of books these past two months. Because of my daily commute that takes up three hours of my day, Monday through Friday, I have gotten more reading done this summer than any other period in my life […]

When you have a stack of books in front of you that you want to finish within a certain time frame (by the end of summer, for example), it’s tempting to try and read through each book as efficiently as possible. If you are planning to read anything related to personal development or achieving your […]

This video does an amazing job of explaining the philosophy behind happiness in a way that anyone can understand. Watch the video (only 5 minutes long) and then see my comments below the video for an activity to help you work with its recommendations. Update: This video has gone private as of July 16th. Hopefully […]

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