The “Average of Five” Rule. Does It Work?

The "Average of Five" RuleYesterday, during the Binghamton University Convocation, I had the privilege of watching Arel Moodie, author and motivational speaker, give a speech to a few thousand incoming freshman on what it takes to be a successful student.

One of the concepts he discussed was “the average of 5”, a rule that states that you become the average of the five people you spend the most time with. For example, if you constantly hang out with negative people, you will ultimately find yourself becoming a negative person too. If you spend a lot of time with friends who all work hard to get high GPAs, you will find that you also work hard to keep your GPA within that range too (I’ve personally experienced this phenomenon).

However, as often as this rule holds true, there are many cases where it simply doesn’t. Continue Reading…

The Overwhelming Benefits of Vitamin D

I’m a firm believer that almost everybody in developed countries have similar gaps in their diet, even people who consume a variety of fresh, whole foods. These gaps are Vitamin D, omega 3s, and probiotics. Each has its own reason for why it’s so difficult to acquire in our daily diet in optimal quantities, but today’s focus will be on Vitamin D.

This excellent presentation on Vitamin D research condenses 4 hours of research and recommendations into less than an hour. Continue Reading…

Lessons From A Successful Entrepreneur

EntrepreneurEarlier this summer, I had the privilege of meeting a highly successful entrepreneur who owns half a dozen bars in NYC. I was with a small group of interns from my internship program and we all got the opportunity to ask him questions about his story and how he became successful. I learned a lot during those three hours, so I’ve decided to share his advice with you. I’ve found that many of these lessons carry over to other areas of life too, so his advice is valuable even if you aren’t an entrepreneur. For the sake of anonymity, I’ll refer to this entrepreneur as Jake.

1) When he was younger, Jake realized how lame high school parties were shortly after attending his first few. In other words, he recognized an opportunity in the marketplace. Continue Reading…