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After months of researching, writing, and editing, Unlimited Drive is finally available to you (for free). Reaching almost 100 pages of theory, action plans, and specific techniques to boost your motivation, you will learn how to: 1) Identify where your motivation tends to show itself automatically (and how to change it based on your preferences). […]

After many long nights working on Unlimited Drive, I thought I’d release a portion of the e-book as a teaser prior to the September 20th release date. The book is divided up into 6 secrets, all of which use different mechanisms to channel motivation you might not have even known you had available to you. […]

I'm Jon Guerrera, a life hacker at heart, and the man behind the scenes here at Living For Improvement. This blog documents all of my successes, failures, and lessons learned as I hack my way to happiness and fulfillment.

I also wrote an ebook. If you like what I write on the blog, you should definitely check it out below. Oh, and it's free.

Unlimited Drive is the result of four years of diligent research on what drives people to achieve great things. I always wondered how the most successful people in the world could reach such high levels of success and accomplishment. Well, I found the answer and wrote an ebook so I could pass it on to you (for free).

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