Can Blogs and Magazines Inhibit Long-Term Learning?

It’s a Saturday morning and I finally have time to catch up with my favorite blogs and magazines. I start by opening up my favorite blog on online marketing, The Future Buzz, and read a few articles on the importance of building an online community around a blog. I then move on to Seth Godin’s blog and read six small articles on marketing and business management. I end the morning by opening up the December issue of Inc. Magazine and skimming through it for an hour.

Despite feeling incredibly accomplished that morning, by the late afternoon I remembered less than 10% of everything I had read. This trend repeats itself every time I sit down to catch up with my favorite blogs, which poses a problem for me. Was I wasting my time if reading these blogs was so inefficient? Is there a way to encourage long-term learning if blogs continually update themselves with new material? Do books have any advantages over blogs? Is there a balance that can be achieved? After doing lots of research and testing, I have found satisfactory answers to these questions and a solution to my problem. Continue Reading…

Acing College: 3 Strategies for Keeping a Very High GPA

There is famous saying that is often told to freshman in college: “Good grades, social life, sleep. Choose two.” Most people feel like they don’t have enough time to sleep, study, and maintain an active social life. However, I’ve found that it’s possible to balance all three. Here are three unconventional strategies that will help you keep your grades high while still being able to sleep well and have a social life:

1) Detach yourself from deadlines by starting every assignment early.

Do this by creating a 24-hour tether to your assignments (an idea originally discussed in the blog Study Hacks). Once an assignment is discussed in class, you must begin starting it within 24 hours, even if it’s just to outline some topics for a paper or sending out an e-mail to your team for a group project. The hardest part of any paper or big assignment is getting started, so by forcing yourself to start early, you will make your assignments MUCH easier and stress-free.
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The Top 5 Lessons I Wish I Knew as a Freshman in College

As my college graduation draws near, I thought it would be beneficial for me to summarize the lessons I’ve learned, in order to help those who are just beginning this priceless four years of their lives. This post will contain the five most valuable truths I’ve learned in my four years at school. I truly feel that it was because of these truths that I was able to take full advantage of what college had to offer me.

Let me just preface these lessons with one simple fact about college: it can be confusing, overwhelming, challenging, exciting, and crazy all at once. Nobody will have the “perfect” college experience because there is no such thing. The experience is different for everyone.

Furthermore, understand that mistakes, errors in judgment, and slip ups will occur along the way and this is perfectly normal, since growing as an individual requires lots of pushing beyond one’s comfort zone. Did I make lots of mistakes? Definitely. Do I wonder what my college experience what have been like if I had done certain things differently? Of course. So I don’t want these lessons to sound preachy. Rather, I wish that they will function as a helpful guide with a firm grounding in four years of experience.
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