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For those of you who have read Unlimited Drive, my e-book on motivation for top performers, you will recall that the intro chapter mentions a statistic that approximately 90% of heart patients can’t change their lifestyles for the better, even when the decision is one of life or death. I recently have come across another […]

In a post from last year, Martin Berkhan of – a blog on nutrition, diet, and exercise – wrote a post on the hidden benefits of maintaining an incredibly lean figure year-round. His article is so on-point, that I will reference his article frequently throughout the post and offer a running commentary. He writes:

Most bloggers (including myself) in the sphere of goal achievement and personal development are quite fond of tracking. They stress the importance of setting up systems to track your progress and measure it frequently. And there is a good reason they recommend this. It works. Very well. Seeing your progress is incredibly motivating, and seeing […]

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