Does Hypnosis Work? A Resounding Yes is in Order

After a few months of working with hypnosis, I have a new view on the subject. I used to have this very polarized idea of how hypnosis worked. Either you were incredibly susceptible to it (and could be hypnotized to think you were a chicken on stage), or it had no effect on you. I no longer believe this to be the case.

Hypnosis, for therapeutic purposes, is essentially a guided meditation with positive affirmations being spoken to you. Some people can go into a state that is deeper than meditation, but I am the type who has trouble relaxing to that extent. So basically, you’re relaxing your mind through meditation to slow down that whir of thoughts that are always going through your head. Once this happens, your mind is less likely to criticize and scrutinize the contents of the hypnosis tape, allowing them to do their job better. That’s it. It’s really nothing too far-fetched.
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