You have to be crazy to be highly successful.


Being realistic is the most common road to mediocrity. Why would you be realistic? What’s the point? It just puts up a barrier.
—Will Smith

Is being a little crazy a good thing?

Will Smith makes a good point (see the quote above). For many worthwhile endeavors, the odds of success are so low, the effort required so high, the sacrifices so great, that those who were dedicated enough to actually persist through the mind boggling odds must have a characteristic that keeps them going when the average person quits.

I believe that the three main attributes required to overcome such intimidating odds are:

  1. A compelling vision (purpose)
  2. A plan that’s actually effective (feasibility)
  3. A little bit of craziness

Developing a compelling vision and solid plan are topics for a separate post. For that reason, I want to write about craziness – I feel it isn’t discussed frequently enough in the world of personal development. But I believe it’s true that all highly successful people need to be at least a little crazy. And before we move any further, allow me to define what I mean by “crazy.” Continue Reading…