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For the past eight or nine months, I’ve been spending my weekends in a local coffee shop learning the ins and outs of coding. Object oriented programming, functional programming, unit testing, various frameworks, database management and more. Self teaching is no easy task, but it provides flexibility and a sense of accomplishment that taking classes […]

My dad sent me this video a few months ago. In this video, Billy Joel, while doing a Q&A session at Vanderbilt University, is asked by a student if they could play “New York State of Mind” together on stage. Watch the video if you want to see what happens; it’s a great example of a seemingly […]

“Willpower is completely overrated and just doesn’t deliver.” —Dave Kirchhoff, CEO of Weight Watchers Kirchhoff is right; willpower is overrated. I consider myself a fairly hard worker, but I’d never trust myself to keep accountable for my own goals. Our minds have a tendency to focus on the here and now, whereas goals are inherently […]

I just finished reading Predictably Irrational by Dan Ariely, and wow – such a fantastic read. His research has so many implications for personal development, and scientifically validates many concepts that I once thought were bogus (affirmations being one such concept). However, because Ariely spends much of his time focusing on how his research can […]

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