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I must say, it’s been a very busy month. After the release of my “Unlimited Drive”, every other obligation in my life came stampeding back. Despite my lack of free time, I have a lot of interesting blog posts that are in-process and will be released in a week or so,  so look forward to […]

My recent focus has shifted towards the relationship between career, lifestyle, happiness, and mastery. They are all strongly interconnected in ways that I was previously unaware of. The articles below will give you a sense of what I mean.

Considering my growing interest in increasing productivity, it’s only natural that the subject would end up in another edition of “Best of the Web.” The article on time management really hit home with me and it is something I will adopt starting immediately. Note: Concerning the article on personal branding, I don’t completely agree with […]

I'm Jon Guerrera, a life hacker at heart, and the man behind the scenes here at Living For Improvement. This blog documents all of my successes, failures, and lessons learned as I hack my way to happiness and fulfillment.

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Unlimited Drive is the result of four years of diligent research on what drives people to achieve great things. I always wondered how the most successful people in the world could reach such high levels of success and accomplishment. Well, I found the answer and wrote an ebook so I could pass it on to you (for free).

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