Hacking Health with AIP Paleo & Lab Work: A Case Study on Restoring Wellbeing

Hacking Health with AIP Paleo & Lab Work

What does a better life mean to you?

More time with your family? More money to live comfortably while also paying for your daughter’s college education? Or perhaps greater health and vitality would enable you to do more of just about everything.

Stop for a second and figure out what one change, more than any other, would enable you to live a much fuller life.

For me, it’s a no-brainer: better living starts with my health. Suffice it to say my health struggle has been the single biggest factor holding me back from doing the things I’ve wanted to do in life.

For years I lacked the willpower to truly commit to fixing my health; I would fail and fail (and fail again). That finally changed this year, and this post details how it happened. Interestingly, it wasn’t my willpower that improved, but the system I built around my goals that helped me finally succeed.

This post is a thorough one, and you’ll see firsthand the power of two tools that have changed my life (and can change yours):

  1. The right kind of data (hint: actionable)
  2. Support systems (especially in moments of weakness)

These two tools alone can significantly improve your ability to hit the goals you know are crucial for a better life. And I want to teach you how to use them through a very personal case study on how I fought to rebuild my health.

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The Top 5 Must-Have Health Supplements for High Performance

SupplementsHaving been inspired by the works of Tim Ferriss, I am seeking to apply the 80/20 rule to as many parts of my life as I can, in order to improve efficiency and cut down on some of my expenses. The 80/20 rule states that 20% of sources result in 80% of a given outcome. In this case, I believe that 20% of my supplementation results in 80% of the health benefits. I’m seeking to cut out any supplement that doesn’t fall into this 20% category.

Based on the hundreds of hours of research on health and wellness I’ve poured through in these past 4 years, here are the 5 supplements I believe every high-performing individual will benefit from.
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The Overwhelming Benefits of Vitamin D

I’m a firm believer that almost everybody in developed countries have similar gaps in their diet, even people who consume a variety of fresh, whole foods. These gaps are Vitamin D, omega 3s, and probiotics. Each has its own reason for why it’s so difficult to acquire in our daily diet in optimal quantities, but today’s focus will be on Vitamin D.

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Summarizing the Latest in Clinical Nutrition (2009-2010)

Being a health nut , I could sit for hours reading up on diet, nutrition, and fitness. Unfortunately for me, my time is very limited these days. Rather than try and keep up on the latest research and news for all of my interests, which would quickly deliver a debilitating dose of information overload, I find people who aggregate all of the important trends and deliver it in summary form. This is exactly what Dr. Michael Greger does in the world of clinical nutrition research. This weekend, I watched his 3 hour DVD entitled Latest in Clinical Nutrition Vol. 4, which summarizes the important studies from 2009 to the present (mid 2010).

Below are the notes I took on the  research that I felt was most applicable. My hope is that you can benefit from these notes I took. Continue Reading…