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Photo Credit: Bruce’s ArtCollection The Unknown. Uncertainty. Randomness. Fate. Regardless of the name given to it, this force can alter our lives with a flick of the metaphorical wrist. It permeates all aspects of our lives, whether we’re aware of it or not. Personally, I have an awkward relationship with all things unknown. When confronted with […]

The color of truth is gray. —Andre Gide Moving to San Francisco was quite a jump for me. My friends, family, and other loved ones were all based in the New York area; I had a great job in the heart of New York City; and I could count all of the people I knew […]

The problem is that the brain is very good at building brain structure from negative experiences. We learn immediately from pain—you know, “once burned, twice shy.” Unfortunately, the brain is relatively poor at turning positive experiences into emotional learning neural structure. —Rick Hanson So true. It’s a shame it took me 24 years to fully […]

Back in February, I wrote a post describing the pains and pleasures of learning to code. When I wrote that post, I was a mere few months into the process. Eight months after writing that post, I’m happy to announce that most of the frustration has faded away as I started getting a handle on […]

I'm Jon Guerrera, a life hacker at heart, and the man behind the scenes here at Living For Improvement. This blog documents all of my successes, failures, and lessons learned as I hack my way to happiness and fulfillment.

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