Jon GuerreraHi, I’m Jon Guerrera. As a result of a difficult time in my life (see “My Story” below), I created this blog to share ideas tied to better living through experimentation.

My Story (i.e. Why This Blog Exists)

The story starts at the age of 14, during which time I developed a chronic illness that doctors could not solve.

My diet was poor, I rarely exercised, and my body seemed to increasingly reject the foods I ate with each passing day. I suffered through most of high school as the multitude of drugs I was given did nothing but deliver unpleasant side effects.

At the height of my frustration with doctors’ inability to help me, I consulted with an MD outside of my insurance network. Rather than prescribing me another drug, this doctor insisted (rather bluntly) that I take a critical look at my lifestyle choices, which, he pointed out, is something I had control over, yet severely neglected.

That doctor delivered a much-needed reality check. I felt stupid and lazy for not thinking (nor wanting) to take a critical look at my lifestyle. I was so distraught, I made a resolution that day to do everything I could to take my health into my own hands.  As soon as I got home, I got to work.

I read motivational classics such as The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and The Autobiography of Ben Franklin. I did research on food intolerances, herbal supplementation, rotation diets, whole-food nutrition and more. I tried and failed dozens of eating regimens. I wasn’t going to quit until something worked.

Thankfully, a year later my illness was in remission. The winning combo? A grain-free, sugar-free diet. After seeing such success in improving my health, I changed my health standards and never looked back.

Once I realized that I had just overcome one of the biggest challenges in my life to date, it made me wonder, what other areas of my life could I improve? Thus began my journey to learn, experience and document ideas that have given me more out of life.

Because of certain individuals who chose to document their experiences through blogs, articles and forums, I was able to educate myself and become healthy. In that spirit, I choose to help continue the cycle by giving my experiences and knowledge to those who may face similar challenges in life.

Where Should I Start?

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The Obligatory Disclaimer

I’m a fairly opinionated guy. It probably goes without saying, but I just want to make sure you know that everything I write on this blog is the product of my personal experiences, opinions, and beliefs. While I may draw upon experiences from companies I’ve worked with, past or present, keep in mind that I’m interpreting those experiences through the lens of personal development, and forming my own thoughts from that. Unless specifically mentioned otherwise, I’m never speaking on behalf of anyone else, whether it be a person or a corporate entity. (Besides, I doubt anyone would let me do that for them anyways.) I may also recommend products on sites like, which give me a small commission if you end up buying it (this is how I cover the costs of hosting this blog). Sorry for this brief interruption – you may now resume your regularly scheduled programming. 🙂