Inspired by Celestine Chua’s public bucket list, I’ve decided to create one of my own. This transparency will not only push me to pursue the goals on this list, but will allow you to get a better sense of who I am through my goals and accomplishments. And if any of these ideas appeal to you, pursue them as well!

  1. Turn this blog into into a viable side business
  2. Live in a foreign country for at least two months
  3. Learn to speak another language fluently
  4. Give a speech to 50+ people[2012]
  5. Give a speech to 100+ people[2012]
  6. Give a speech to 500+ people
  7. Make $100 from my blog [2010]
  8. Make $1,000 from my blog
  9. Make $10,000 from my blog
  10. Write a book
  11. Bench press 200 lbs for 5 clean reps
  12. Gain 15 pounds of lean muscle through weightlifting
  13. Get a six-pack
  14. Run a 5k race without stopping to rest [2013]
  15. Travel through Europe
  16. Visit Asia [2014 – Japan]
  17. Skydive (I’m very afraid of heights)
  18. Inspire at least one person through my blog [2009]
  19. Thank my parents for everything they have done for me
  20. Learn to lucid dream
  21. Develop the mental stamina for one full hour of deep meditation
  22. Hike through a nature preserve by myself simply to observe [2009]
  23. Take a tai chi class[2011]
  24. Take a yoga class[2011]
  25. Take a qi gong class
  26. Have a meaningful conversation with a stranger[2011 – Austin, TX]
  27. Put two people in contact with each other in a way that benefits both of them[2011]
  28. Find a job that I’m passionate about and truly enjoy doing
  29. Graduate with a 3.95 GPA or higher[2011]
  30. Give a speech to college students about how to make the most of life
  31. Take a ballroom dance class[2010]
  32. Start a business [2011]
  33. Participate in a Mastermind Group[2011]
  34. Learn to code and build an application that positively impacts my life [2013]
  35. Start a Meetup group around something I’m passionate about[2012]
  • Tessa<3

    Love this idea!

  • Alex

    Great bucket list, and kudos to you for having the courage to put it up for the world to see!

    Hope you get to see them all and more.

    Alex Worl

  • Bjenn206

    this is great  I like your site. I saw it on my Facebook page. One of my FB friends blog is on the  “Upstate Blogs to Subscribe to now. “Congratulations !!!
     I may add a page like this. I talk about my bucket list all the time. I graduated from BU as well, years ago though !!
    I write about improvemnt on my blog and always search for ways to help others. Visit my site i would love to do : 4,5, 6, 8. 9.10. 11 You pray for me and I will pray for you !! that we get there sooner rather than later …

  • Anonymous

    Glad to hear that my bucket list has inspired you in some way! I’ll definitely be checking out your site too. Thanks for commenting :).

  • Smook Justin

    Nice! I didn’t realize you had this posted

  • Kerstin B

    Nice list! I have one too and it just keeps growing, it’s out of control! As it should be though right. Never cease the pursuit! :)

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  • Ftaglib

    Just wanted to say that both you and your list are beyond lame and cheesy. Really? you think you are the only one who preps for interviews .. gamefy? lol your are just a looser. 

  • Hipp

    Hey! Haven’t done anything from your bucket in 2013?! What are you waiting for lazy boy! ;)

  • Jonathan Guerrera

    Thanks for keeping me accountable, Hipp! Relocating at the end of 2012 took a lot of me, but I’m back on track!

    Just updated the bucket list: learning to code has successfully been accomplished. Onward!