On Graduation and College Being The Best Years of Your Life

We hear it all the time from people older than us:

“Enjoy it while it lasts… college will be the best four years of your life.”

“Party now, because once you have a job and a family, the real world kicks in and puts an end to all of your fun.”

However, I’m here to tell you that college doesn’t have to be the absolute best four years of your life, but more so the launching pad in which you can continue “the best years of your life” into your 20s, 30s, and beyond if you so choose.

So what’s the secret, you ask? It’s simple… Continue Reading…

Why Self Motivation is Essential to Success

You may remember that the old tagline for this blog was “Self Improvement for Self Motivators.” Although I’ve chosen to go with a tagline that is more descriptive of the blog’s purpose, this old tagline still remains true. The majority of the content on this blog is targeted towards people who can dig deep and find the motivation and dedication needed to change one’s self.  In this post I will attempt to explain why being a “Self Motivator” is crucial for seeing positive change in almost any endeavor.

It’s no secret anymore that the world is changing at an exponential rate. For example, many fields and occupations that are in demand now will be completely outdated in the near future. Furthermore, if you stay static and unchanging in your own field, you may soon find yourself without a job. Especially in this job environment, if you remain one-dimensional while others competing for the same jobs as you are continually learning the latest in your field, you are instantly at a severe disadvantage. This realization can be quite intimidating for some.

Thankfully, this is where being a Self Motivator will help you come out on top. Because Self Motivators are used to constantly learning new skills and pushing the boundaries of their comfort zone, they are able to quickly adapt to changes in the world around them because they are used to dealing with these challenges. While many people rely on college and grad school to acquire the skills they will bring into the workplace, many fields are evolving too rapidly to keep going back to school to learn new skills. Finding it within yourself to become a Self Motivator is more important than ever before.

I’m not the only person to acknowledge it. For example, the people over at Personal MBA argue that assimilating the knowledge from a selection of the greatest business and personal development books ever written can be just as effective, if not more so, then dropping $100,000 on an MBA program. You can find that book list here.

In the same way that eating healthier and exercising more often is a big change that will impact your current and future health and well-being, being a Self Motivator is a lifestyle change that will noticeably and perhaps even radically impact the course of your career and your personal life. Amazing things begin to happen when you take responsibility for your own learning and personal growth.

Would you consider yourself a “Self Motivator”? If not, there’s no better time than now.