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“Happiness equals reality minus expectations.” –Unknown I’ve finally gotten around to reading Dan Ariely’s incredible book, Predictably Irrational. As is made obvious by the title, Ariely compiles all of his research on human behavior and catalogues the different ways humans predictably and consistently act irrational. And boy, there are a lot of examples in there! The […]

  What’s not to like about setting goals? It motivates you, keeps you accountable for your accomplishments, and helps you gradually shape your life into that of your ideal. Trying to be successful without goals is tantamount to driving with a destination. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of self help resources out there that […]

Life is relative and our expectations play a huge role in that relativity. If you decide to eat at a restaurant because you were told that that it’s the greatest Italian food you will ever have, it’s easy to be disappointed. If you walk into that same restaurant after being told that you shouldn’t expect […]

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