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Photo Credit: Bruce’s ArtCollection The Unknown. Uncertainty. Randomness. Fate. Regardless of the name given to it, this force can alter our lives with a flick of the metaphorical wrist. It permeates all aspects of our lives, whether we’re aware of it or not. Personally, I have an awkward relationship with all things unknown. When confronted with […]

It’s funny how we often ignore the advice we give others. For example, I’ve written about the importance of simplification, and it’s something I regularly recommend to those with a lot on their plate. Yet, within a few months of writing that post, I’ve found myself busier than ever. This frustrated me to no end. […]

  For the past month, I’ve been using – created as part of Matt Killingsworth’s doctoral research at Harvard University – with the goal of learning more about what impacts my happiness, and to what degree. TrackYourHappiness is free to use, but fairly intense. You fill out an intense survey at the beginning, and […]

“Happiness equals reality minus expectations.” –Unknown I’ve finally gotten around to reading Dan Ariely’s incredible book, Predictably Irrational. As is made obvious by the title, Ariely compiles all of his research on human behavior and catalogues the different ways humans predictably and consistently act irrational. And boy, there are a lot of examples in there! The […]

I'm Jon Guerrera, a life hacker at heart, and the man behind the scenes here at Living For Improvement. This blog documents all of my successes, failures, and lessons learned as I hack my way to happiness and fulfillment.

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