How to Negotiate Anything (Especially Your Salary)


It was on a calm, sunny Wednesday afternoon in San Francisco. The birds were chirping, people were bantering on the streets, and here I was, sitting in my room, literally shaking in my chair.

I had just received a job offer for an engineering position in San Francisco, and in about fifteen minutes, I’d have to negotiate a job offer with the CEO of the company — a prospect that made me sick to my stomach. As much as I despised it, my friends told me I’d be leaving money on the table if I didn’t get on the phone and negotiate. I just had to suck it up and do it.

There was one small hitch in that plan, though. I’m a terrible negotiator.

Thankfully, I knew better than to try and enter into a job negotiation unprepared. After receiving the initial offer, I quickly read Getting To Yes, based on the work of the Harvard Negotiation Project. I then devoured as many blog posts as I could on negotiating salaries for an engineering position.

I felt ready as I’d ever be, yet I was still nauseous and jittery. The phone rang and my heart dropped right into the pit of my stomach. I took a deep breath, picked up the phone and got started. Continue Reading…

Best of the Web — Short Clips on Personal Finance and Negotiation

Ramit Sethi of I Will Teach You to Be Rich is one of my favorite resources for advice on personal finance. His information is simple and powerful. Rather than stress on spending money on $4 lattes every week, he focuses on learning to negotiate big-ticket purchases like houses or renegotiating your salary, which can yield tens of thousands of dollars in savings when done correctly. He is also a big proponent of learning how to work with your credit card company. Here are two short clips that I enjoyed viewing this weekend: